Southwestern Illinois Employers Association

What does membership do for you?
Southwestern Illinois Employers Association (SIEA) is a non-profit, member-supported association of employers throughout Southwestern Illinois.  For over 30 years SIEA has served the business community as a proven, cost effective resource.  SIEA actively promotes the interest of Southwestern Illinois employers in the political arena – as a forum for common interests – and is a resource and consultant for government relations. Specifically, SIEA keep’s legislators updated, provides an environment in which members can exchange ideas, interacts with members and legislators, and informs members of regulations and legislation.

Our mission
Provide a forum for employers to exchange information and share ideas on common business issues and opportunities. Promote areas of mutual interest and understanding with legislators and government agencies. Coordinate working committees and training to encourage best practices in key business functions.

Reasons to become as SIEA Member:

    1. On the job in Springfield
    2. Legislative Information System
    3. Helping you to plan ahead  
    4. Making your case known
    5. Sharing opinions, problems and solutions

SIEA’s impact on Madison County: Changes Asbestos Docket

    Helped pass law for Levee Repairs
    Representation on Wood River Levee Board  (front page)
    Representation on Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District Council
    Fought 1% sales tax

SIEA’s impact in the State of Illinois: Medical Malpractice

Gross Receipts Tax
Worker’s Compensation
Hydraulic Fracturing
Lottery Bill for Special Olympics
Levee Repairs

Mike Walters


Southwestern Illinois Employers Association